Monday, October 26, 2015

 1 cup of organic yogurt

time to consume: 5 minutes
material: container = polypropylene (PP)
label = cardstock
 lid = aluminum foil
time to decompose: container - hundreds of years
label – 2 months
lid – never

Dear All,
A huge THANK YOU for voicing your opinions on the necessity to move out of plastic & metal packaging for organic produce.

On October 5th, 2015, I delivered the petition to the National Organic Standards Board through their comment platform. It is now available to be viewed by all members of the board online, and will also be given to them as a hard copy.

The NOSB will have their fall meeting starting today! Oct 26-29 (sadly I cannot attend, but hope many of you will!). We did everything we could here, through public petitioning, to raise their awareness on the urgency of the topic. Meeting notes should be published later in the fall, so keep an eye out here and here

I am leaving the petition OPEN, since plastic packaging is an ongoing problem which needs more and more awareness. So don't hesitate to continue linking / posting about it.

Let's continue the good work!
Warm Regards to all,
The Bare Necessities

Further actions:
- SPEAK AT THE MEETING: the most powerful thing you can do, if you are in Vermont or willing to travel there to attend the meeting in Stowe (Oct 26-29, 2015).
--- reserve a speaking slot here
--- all logistical info here