Material - Immaterial

Monday, July 4, 2011

Ok, maybe I don't want to talk only about objects.
It's more about: how do you lead your life while using just what you really need. Things, food, energy, time.
So I am changing the subtitle: 'a blog about material possessions' into 'what exactly do we need'.

It's a bit tricky to be starting this blog because I have a backlog of thoughts to write, but need to feel I've defined the terms of the discussion beforehand.

So yes, this is also about immaterial things, and at all scales too. What do I really need as a person, to function? What does a building really need to function? What does a city really need to function? etc.

The subject is of interest to me because doing a bit of sorting would be soothing. There is so much stuff, everywhere. Matter, media, choice until you can't take it anymore. Stuff keeps coming, and we end up having to fend it off. No, I don't need a plastic bag. No, I don't need ten little pouches of ketchup with my fries. No, I don't want to receive your special offers.
It's tiring.
Being happy with just the necessary shouldn't be so hard.

Wasting ressources shouldn't be an Opt-Out behavior.
And we should pay something in return for the extras.

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