Thursday, September 10, 2015

Dear Readers, Minimal Lifestylers and Zero-Waste bloggers,

We have until October 5th to make our voices heard at the National Organic Standards Board (NOSB)! The idea is to put the topic of packaging pollution on the agenda of the next, or following meeting of the NOSB, which creates the guidelines followed by the USDA's National Organic Program in the USA.

Please help by adding your name
Thank you for your time and care.


  1. Very logical idea to not have unhealthy plastic packaging on healthy and natural produce! I get a box of produce twice a month from an organic farm in California and lately so many items are showing up in clamshells! In the past they would use little brown paper bags if they need to keep small things together like potatoes. It just makes no sense to me.

    1. I agree. When we had a CSA the produce would all come in one big reusable box, which we returned each week when picking up the new stash of vegetables. Thank you for your commitment, Unknown!

  2. Want to see where plastic waste ends up in Peru?
    Watch the YouTube video: Please SIGN and SHARE the petition to the Provincial Municipality of Leoncio Prado to STOP the dumping of toxic medical waste into the Huallaga river at the "Moyuna" located in the district of Rupa Rupa, city of Tingo Maria, Peru:
    Located just one kilometer from the city of Tingo Maria, it is estimated that this landfill has a history of more than 30 years and received a total of approximately 30 to 34 tons of garbage daily.
    #‎RíoHuallaga‬ #GENERATIONRYSE #marinedumping #Ecocide #EcocideLaw

    1. Signed!! Thank you for bringing awareness to this Fred.